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Specialty Cascara: 'Loose Leaf Tea' - Single Origin, Ratnagiri Estate - Set of 3 x 100 G [300 G]

Specialty Cascara: 'Loose Leaf Tea' - Single Origin, Ratnagiri Estate - Set of 3 x 100 G [300 G]

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3 x 100 Grams of Single Origin Specialty Cascara 'Loose Leaf Tea' from Ratnagiri Estate, Karnataka, India

Details of the microlot provided below:

Introducing Single Origin Cascara

Cascara is a product of the circular economy movement. It involves processing what would be the discarded peel of the coffee fruit, and upcycling it to be brewed, much like a fruity loose leaf tea, or even utilised as an inclusion in craft bakes.

The intent behind introducing single origin cascara is twofold. Firstly, in order to cyclically create value additions for our producer partners at origin, and secondly, so that the sensory diversity of microlot cascara – as a byproduct of coffee – becomes more and more evident, as is presently the case with coffee itself.

The single-origin Cascara feature in our lineup hails from Ratnagiri Estate, Karnataka, India courtesy of farmer-producer Mr. Ashok Patre.

Tasting Notes: Mango, Apricot, Green Apple.
Varietal: Catuai
Sun-dried Process

3x100G pack of Ratnagiri Estate Cascara, manually sorted and hand squeezed, dried in a solar parabolic dryer.

One Box contains:

- 100gm of Single-origin Cascara from Ratnagiri Estate, Karnataka

- 1 x The Cascara 'How-to Brew' Booklet Designed by Subko

- 1 x Cascara Specially Designed Postcard

About The Origin

Steeped in rich history, Ratnagiri Estate emerges from India's Western Ghats region of Karnataka.

Ratnagiri translates to ‘Pearl Mountains.’

We’re honoured that Ratnagiri Estate has bestowed some of their most intricately processed coffees upon us from their 2020 harvest. This despite immense challenges for them to achieve the immense quality they are known for as exporters given logistical nightmares that have accompanied the advent of Covid-19.

Let’s get a little geeky: Ratnagiri Estate is a biodynamic farm-a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming where the soil conditions wherein the coffee plants are grown are treated with the same precision and care as a winery would its vineyard- essentially the concept of ‘terroir’ as applied to coffee. It is also a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm and is home to 48 bird species, monkeys, leopards, wild boar, tigers and mongoose. Pepper is also ‘intercropped’ with the coffee plants at the farm.

A ‘lot’ of coffee can broadly be considered as coffee cherries harvested in one day of the same genetic strain-varietal- collected within 60 feet altitude variation, and processed the same way. 

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