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Specialty Arabica: Gunibylu Estate (Carbonic Maceration Naturals) (Med-Light Roast) Set of 2 x 250G [500G]

Specialty Arabica: Gunibylu Estate (Carbonic Maceration Naturals) (Med-Light Roast) Set of 2 x 250G [500G]

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Medium-Light Roast (250G x 2)

Process: Carbonic Maceration Naturals

Varietal: SLN9

Altitude: 1170 MASL

Agtron Meter: 76

Cupper's Notes: Cranberry, Papaya, Sweet Red Lemon

Best Brewed With


Please note that the best brewed with list is not comprehensive and does not dictate that the coffees cannot be brewed with any other methods. These are the the methods we think will extract the best possible cup. However, this coffee can be ground and enjoyed with any brew method that you desire.

About the Process

Carbonic Maceration Naturals: Carbonic maceration is a process commonly used in the wine industry to ferment grapes. For this process, the coffee cherries undergo an anaerobic fermentation inside a steel tank in the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2). This process results in a wonderful clarity of flavours.

Cupper's Notes

This is a special anaerobic process coffee called Carbonic maccreation. We dropped this into the cooling tray at 201°C, roasted as a medium light. It is an omni-roast, goes well on a pressurized brew (espresso) and on and Iced pour-over brewing method. This cup has a distinct fruity and citrusy character. The cranberry note adds a rich, sweet complexity, while the papaya lends a delicate, mellow sweetness. The sweet red lemon note contributes a vibrant and tangy acidity to the overall flavor profile. Together, these flavors create a dynamic and refreshing taste experience in the coffee.

About The Origin

Gunibylu Estate, a name synonymous with integrated farming and bountiful yield. Nestled amidst the embrace of Hemavathi river, their plantation thrives as a true embodiment of the term 'mixed crop pattern.' Their approach is steeped in tradition yet heightened by innovation, an artful fusion that yields quality crops. Located in the high-rainfall Mudigere region of Karnataka, Gunibylu Estate has sourced Cacao for Subko Cacao, and now coffee too.
Integrated farming takes on new meaning here, a living testament to the idea that when heritage meets innovation, greatness unfurls. Gunibylu Estate grows coffee, cacao and several spices.
Gunibylu Estate - a name that resonates with the spirit of embracing tradition while graciously embracing the future, weaving the rich tapestry of Indian specialty coffee.

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