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MICROLOT SET [2 x 250g]

We've curated and pre-set a few options for you from which you can choose two uniquely processed and roasted Microlots of 250g each.

Details of the two microlots that you can choose from are provided below.


Ratnagiri Estate: Lot #36/2
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Process: Yeast Anaerobic Naturals
Coffee cherries were dried whole (naturals) after being fermented in an anaerobic environment with yeast added.

Medium Roast (250g)
This is an exciting release from Ratnagiri estate that is a yeast anaerobic natural process. We dropped this into the cooling tray at approximately 207°C, which makes it a well developed medium roast with a lot of floral elements to it. It portrays an almost cola like mouthfeel that’s buttery and creamy, with a nice hint of citric acid.

The cupper's notes for this is Orange Creamsicle, Jasmine, Milk Chocolate.

Flavour Meter
Acidity - 3    |    Body - 3.5    |    Sweetness - 3


Ratnagiri Estate: Lot #54/1
[Ot of Stock]

Process: Aerobic Honey
A coffee lot that was first aerobically fermented before being dried with a percentage of the fruit mucilage retained on the coffee parchment.

Medium Roast (250g)
This one’s a fantastic aerobic honey microlot from Ratnagiri Estate. This lot was roasted towards the lighter side of medium and dropped into the cooling tray at around 206 degree celsius, which results in a distinct mix of lightly roasted cocoa, bright hazelnuts, and a creamy chocolaty kind of finish.

The cupper's notes for this is Nutella, Roasted Hazelnuts, Whipped Cream, Cocoa

Flavour Meter
Acidity - 2.5    |    Body - 4    |    Sweetness - 3


Ratnagiri Estate: Lot #57

Process: Anaerobic Washed
Depulped Coffee cherries were first fermented in an anaerobic environment, further washed, and then dried.

Medium Roast (250g)
This is a uniquely processed washed coffee from Ratnagiri Estate that has undergone anaerobic fermentation on a catuai varietal. Very structured, clean, and uniform with a sparkling orange candy like acidity combined with a sweet caramelly mouthfeel. We dropped it into the cooling tray at around 207°C as quite a well-developed medium roast.

The cupper's notes for this is Yuzu Candy, Orange Gola, Caramel

Flavour Meter
Acidity - 4    |    Body - 3    |    Sweetness - 3

About the Origin

Steeped in rich history, Ratnagiri Estate emerges from India's Western Ghats region of Karnataka.

Ratnagiri translates to ‘Pearl Mountains.’

We're honoured that Ratnagiri Estate has bestowed some of their most intricately processed coffees upon us. This, despite the immense challenges for them to achieve the quality they're renowned for as exporters, given the logistical nightmares that have accompanied the advent of Covid-19.

Let’s get a little geeky: Ratnagiri Estate is a biodynamic farm-a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming where the soil conditions wherein the coffee plants are grown are treated with the same precision and care as a winery would its vineyard- essentially the concept of ‘terroir’ as applied to coffee. It is also a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm and is home to 48 bird species, monkeys, leopards, wild boar, tigers and mongoose. Pepper is also ‘intercropped’ with the coffee plants at the farm.

A ‘lot’ of coffee can broadly be considered as coffee cherries harvested in one day of the same genetic strain-varietal- collected within 60 feet altitude variation, and processed the same way.

Each ‘lot’ we receive from Ratnagiri will have its own individual roast profile, corresponding set of cupper’s tasting notes, and its own graphic on our Ratnagiri Estate labels.